Apartment Terrace Dachterrasse Treppe Ofen

Rule Breaker

10179 Berlin, Germany
180 qm PropertyRestroom

Despite its original life as a school, the daring architectural design of this apartment breaks all rules. With high ceilings and a striking open staircase, slashing the huge dining area into angular shapes, this two-storey Home Studio defies mundanity with fearless conviction. Red stone floor, rustic fireplaces and exposed brick walls imbue the space with earthy textures and shades, with the occasional lavish feature - a luscious turquoise sofa and ornate chandelier - juxtaposing the minimal with the grand.

Availability: Short-term (1-2 days lead time)
Smoking allowed?: No
Homemade Studio
Guia Mondello(Location proprietor, Permit giver, Main contact)
In the case of public locations, contact the competent authority

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