Kai Chase-Meares

Art Directors Assistant-, Junior-Producers First ADs Executive prod. Freelance prod. Unit prod. managers Directors

Private Contact

Jack of all trades master of none kind of guy.
I work mostly on music videos, usually, as either a producer or AD. I'm a well-organized person who loves things to run smoothly and efficiently. Although I have no educational training in the industry I'm a self-taught individual who uses my set experience to further my knowledge in the field.



English: native-language
Art Directors, Assistant-, Junior-Producers, First ADs, Executive prod., Freelance prod., Unit prod. managers, Directors

Experience & skills

Experience abroad
France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom
Car class, Mopeds up to 50 cc & 45 km / h, Snowboard instructor
Special skills

Carpentry, many years of my younger life were spent on construction sites where I honed in my skills for woodwork. I now bring this skill to set building and design.

Journalism, I was a national newspaper reporter for some of the biggest newspapers in Britain. This taught me about professionalism and time management.

Events Manager, for a time I organized and conducted a wide range of events up and down the United Kingdom. This taught me the power of planning, researching, and leading large groups of people, the skills I use every time I produce a film.

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