Christian Schäfer

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2005 The Constant Gardener: Art Director
2004 VW Golf Mark V - A Life in a Day : Art Director
2003 Sieben Zwerge: Art Director
2003 Around the World in 80 Days: Set Designer
2002 Luther: Art Director
2001 Good Bye Lenin: Set Designer
2001 Hans Chr. Andersen: Set Designer
2001 The Snowqueen: Set Designer
2000 Taking Sides: Asst. Set Decorator
2000 Stronhold: Art Director
1999 Vor 12: Production Designer
1999 The Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman: Art Director
1999 Marlene: Art Director
1999 Leo und Claire: Set Designer
1998 Apocalypso: Location Scout
1998 Schlaraffenland: Art Director
1997 Comedian Harmonists: Asst. Set Decorator
1997 Steps towards Victory: Production Designer
1996 Der König von St. Pauli: Set Designer



Prod. designers

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