Patrick Krienke

Consultants Occupational safety specialists Health and safety coordinators

Alles rund um Sicherheit aus einer Hand. Arbeitsschutz, Complience, Sicherheitsberatung, Risk Assessments, Setabnahmen, Stunt-Sicherheit, Alles rund um Wasser - Abgedreht? - aber sicher!



Czech: basic
German: native-language
English: native-language
French: medium
Russian: basic
Consultants, Occupational safety specialists, Health and safety coordinators
Accommodation options
Berlin, Potsdam

Experience & skills


M.A. International Relations
M.Sc. Public Health Management
Fachkraft für Arbeitssicherheit
Trainer (IHK)
Einsatztaucher III

Experience abroad
Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, France, Ghana, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Russian Federation, Czechia, Hungary, United Kingdom, Egypt, Austria
Car class, Motorcycle class, Truck class, Special class, Mopeds up to 50 cc & 45 km / h, Alumni Bill (after AEVO), General radio certificate AZF, MEWP (boom lift) operator, MEWP operator, BOS-Sprechfunkzeugnis, CMAS TL ***, Deep Diver Brevet International, DRSA - German rescue swimmer badge, Fitness trainer B license, G26. 3 respirator performance, Continuous track, Small firearm, PADI Rescue Diver, Passenger ticket, Press card, Private pilot license A (brothers), Sport boat driving licence within under sail, UBI - UKW-Sprechfunkzeugnis für den Binnenschifffahrtsfunk
Own equipment

RTW / Ambulance
Tauchequiptment aller Art
Rettungsboote / Kameraboote

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